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NoOps Is Coming, It’s Already Here… and That’s a Very Good Thing

Let’s start with the basics: “NoOps” is short for “No Operations,” and the concept refers to your IT department.   The idea behind NoOps is to move your IT operations...

Quantum Computing: Opportunity and Threat

“Encryptogeddon is coming for us all,” warned a 2022 article published by the Financial Times. This dramatic headline describes an eventuality in the world of IT: quantum computing.   Quantum...

Moving Your Apps to Containers: 4 Key Benefits

Containers: bundles of software that contain all the coding necessary to run apps anywhere, any time.   Thanks to Kubernetes’ popular open-source container system, as of 2021, a whopping 96%...

Protecting Your Organization From Cyberattacks: The Case for “Zero Trust”

If cybercrime were represented as a country’s GDP, it would rank third in a lineup of world economies, immediately after the United States and China, according to the ​​2022 Official...

“The Middle Way”: Finding the Golden Mean for Cloud Optimization

Across the world and across time, the wisest humans have sung the praises of the “golden mean”: the middle path between two extremes.   In ancient Greece, “Nothing in excess”...

How the FDIC Achieved Compliance and Efficiency With the AWS Cloud

Recognizing the benefits of cloud storage and computing, former U.S. Chief Information Officer Vivek Kundra made the groundbreaking decision to migrate 80 government services to the cloud more than a...

Federal Agencies and the Challenges of Digital Transformation

In May 2012, the President of the United States issued a bold challenge to federal agencies, challenging them to optimize their digital services in order to better serve taxpayers across...

Three keys to leveraging the cloud for cybersecurity

Traditionally, organizations feel conservative and cautious about security. When companies and agencies first began making tentative moves to the

Requirements for Implementation of a Data Lake in AWS

This post discusses the most common requirements of a data lake. Each section details the requirements followed by the technical implementation. If you are only interested in a particular requirement,...

Cloud Migration Starts With People:
Three Strategies to Set Your Team Up for Cloud Migration Success

You’ve made the decision to migrate to the cloud, and you’re eager to get started. But before you jump into creating a proof of concept (POC), it’s important...

Helping Government Agencies Keep Customer Information Secure

The General Services Administration (GSA) needed a way to keep the personal information of their more than 30 million customers safe—while making the log-in process as easy and...

CMMC and Higher Ed:
Understanding the Basics

For colleges and universities around the country, the government’s embrace of the new Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) means creating a plan to get

How To Revitalize Customer Service at Your Public Agency
With Artificial Intelligence

Whether we realize it or not, artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML) have become part of our daily lives—from customer service chatbots...

Data Lake Explained

The simplest definition of a data lake is ‘a centralized repository to store unstructured and structured data at any scale’. Data stored as-is can be used for data mining or...

Benefits and Use Cases of a Data Lake

With the capability to store high-volume, high-velocity raw data in a centralized location, data lakes are currently the most desirable technology for businesses seeking to reduce silos and maximize data...

Working Smarter, Not Harder:
How To Solve the Cybersecurity Talent Gap With a Cloud SOC

No matter your industry, chances are your team is feeling the strain of the cybersecurity talent gap. For nearly a decade, the demand for cybersecurity experts has surpassed the number...

Building Your CI/CD Pipeline: A Comparison of 5 (Mostly) Open-Source Tools

For today's tech leaders, continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) pipelines are pivotal for streamlining application development. CI/CD pipelines automate your application building, testing, and deployment, making it easier fo

Environment Planning in the Cloud: How You Can Improve Efficiency With a Landing Zone

Organizations tend to cite efficiency as a primary motivator to the cloud, because they know migration can improve flexibility, scalability, and make them more cost-effective.

A Clearer Path to the Cloud: 4 Benefits of an App Assessment

When the applications you rely on to run your business start slowing down, it may be time to consider moving your app to the cloud.

Know Before You Go: The Importance of Discovery for Your Cloud Migration

It sounds obvious: You can’t begin a journey if you don’t know where you’re starting from.

Are You Ready to Migrate?
The 7 Steps of a Cloud-Readiness Assessment

Most migration-minded organizations have an idea of where they want the AWS Cloud to take them.

Getting Cloud Ready: Building Readiness Requirements into Cloud Migration Planning

Each of us live with requirements that dictate how we move through the world. Laws and regulations keep us in check, simplify our daily lives, and ensure we do not...

Getting Everyone on Your Team: Planning with All Your Stakeholders

Designating a particular department or team to take the lead on cloud migration can be beneficial to drive your project forward. Problems can occur, however, if that team forgets to...

It’s “Orchards to Orchards”: Including Hidden Costs in Your Cloud Cost Analysis Comparison

You already know not to compare “apples to oranges” when looking at the costs of cloud computing versus traditional on-premises architecture.

Avoiding the One-Off: Building Holistically in the AWS Cloud

There are many cloud-migration scenarios where individual business units and departments are tempted to migrate to the AWS Cloud on their own or build their own solution.

How to Authorize Your CI/CD to Checkout Additional Repository

In many cases, you need the content of another private repository to test the current repository. For example, your main repository is a public repo, but you need a secret...

How to Manage Configs in Single Place, Use it Everywhere

You have a microservice application called skymap, and it has multiple deployment stage dev, test, stage, qa, prod. Each stage will be placed into separate, independent environments and not talking...

Building a serverless web application on AWS

Here at Enquizit we recently completed a new serverless web application running on AWS. It is our first serverless web application. In this post I will discuss the path we...

Starting Your AWS Cloud Migration: Moving from Reactive to Proactive

Often, a transition to the AWS Cloud is triggered by an external event – a data center closure, an impending hardware upgrade, a demand for a new app. But making...

Best Practices for Government Agencies Moving Data to the Cloud

For many years, governments have felt that the cloud and infrastructure as a service were not options for them. Governments tended to be unwilling to surrender control of their data...

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