Moving Your Apps to Containers: 4 Key Benefits

Containers: bundles of software that contain all the coding necessary to run apps anywhere, any time.


Thanks to Kubernetes’ popular open-source container system, as of 2021, a whopping 96% of organizations said they were either using or evaluating the system.


Why has the containers craze taken over the B2B world? Here are four key advantages:


  1. Faster time to market
    Time to market (otherwise known as TTM) is the length of time between when a product is conceived and released. Containers improve time to market by creating a more agile infrastructure, allowing different teams to focus on their core tasks without disrupting applications or workflows.


  1. Lower operating costs
    Everyone wants lower operating costs, and that’s where containers excel, freeing
    you up from patching and other costly expenses for underlying software and
    This is especially important in situations where operating and maintaining physical servers is a big issue. And the fact that containers run applications independently reduces overall infrastructure needs for everyone.


  1. More standardization
    In traditional operations, the development and operations teams are often at
    odds with each other, leading to ambiguities and redundancies. Containers break
    down these barriers, allowing everyone to find their ideal role—decreasing
    redundancies and increasing standardization.


  1. Greater security
    Security is a key concern for everyone, but especially for financial organizations
    and other businesses that handle sensitive personal data. And because they are self-contained, containers increase security by allowing specific resources to be accessed without compromising the entire network. This is especially important, for example, when working with external development or other teams.


Depending on your business goals and the outcomes you are seeking to achieve, these advantages will possess differing degrees of importance. And in turn, identifying what you are hoping to achieve will help you prioritize the order of migrating your apps to containers. To find out more about how containerizing can transform your business, click below to read our free e-book, Supercharging Your Containers Migration: 5 Questions To Ask Before You Make the Move.


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