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Making a Business Case for the AWS Cloud -
How Enquizit Achieved Stakeholder Buy-In for Harvard Business Review’s Migration

Harvard Business Review (HBR) enjoys a global reputation as one of the most famous business presses publishing cutting-edge business insights and strategies. In 2017, HBR’s lease for their on-premises datacenter was set to expire, and the building was scheduled for demolition. HBR’s Chief Intelligence Officer (CIO) saw this as the perfect opportunity to move away from legacy hardware operations and upgrade to Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud-based technology.
But HBR’s non-technical stakeholders had concerns. They were satisfied with their current on-prem setup and worried that such a significant shift could damage their brand reputation and quality, should problems arise during migration.
HBR’s CIO enlisted Enquizit’s help due to their technical expertise in organizational AWS Cloud migration. But before they could leverage those skills, Enquizit first needed to assure the stakeholders that cloud migration would not only maintain the quality of their products and global brand – but would actually enhance it. Here are the reasons why:
  • Security On-premises datacenters rely on a physical space requiring constant defense, and one simple human error puts the security of that space at risk. Migrating to the AWS Cloud would enable HBR’s apps to run in a significantly more secure environment without any service disruption to end-users. The AWS Cloud also utilizes automated vulnerability detection and remediation.

  • Performance and vulnerability Enquizit showed the stakeholders how their applications would run 10-20% more efficiently in the AWS environment. The cloud system provided improved configuration management reporting, including alerts if the environment was not following performance rules, a task usually performed manually.

  • Build as-you-go Employing agile methodology, Enquizit demonstrated to HBR how they would evolve their applications in stages, and learn from each experience, before deciding how to develop the next 10%. This saved time, improved the final product, and eliminated the need to rebuild an application from scratch, should something go wrong.

Learn more about how Enquizit faced these and other challenges to migrate HBR to the AWS Cloud successfully—and how they can do the same for your organization—by downloading the case study, Harvard Business Review Grows Its Reputation in the AWS Cloud by clicking the LINK here.

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