Case Study

Organizational Transformation in the AWS Cloud -
How Enquizit Helped a Nonprofit Revitalize Its Culture and Further Its Mission

Business leaders often think of cloud migration as a way to solve a problem using technology: it’s about security, efficiency, or eliminating the costs associated with an expensive data center. But cloud migration is much more than that. For Child Care Aware of America (CCAoA), migrating to the AWS Cloud was an opportunity to revolutionize their organization both technologically and culturally. The 501(c)3 organization serves as an advocate in the child care space, connecting military and Department of Defense (DoD) families with a network of thousands of child care providers nationally. But despite their enormous impact, the organization’s growth was hampered by outdated technologies and processes. When presented with a timesensitive opportunity to significantly further their mission to “advance a child care system that effectively serves all children and families,” they looked to AWS and Intel for the technological solution, and to AWS Premier Consulting Partner Enquizit to help them rethink how they do business from the ground up. In this e-book, we’ll share CCAoA’s story and explain how they transformed not only their infrastructure but also their organization’s approach to technology.


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