Case Study

The Power of Partnership -
How Enquizit Helped the Wharton School Innovate in the AWS Cloud

When migrating to the AWS Cloud, many organizations make the initial choice to go it alone. But making system-wide changes across an organization isn’t an easy task. From defining goals to upskilling staff to determining which apps to move first, many businesses find they can’t migrate as quickly or efficiently as they thought – and that the migration they’re conducting isn’t maximizing value. This is where an expert partner can make a difference. Hiring a cloud migration partner not only speeds up the migration process, but it also ensures a solution that doesn’t just duplicate your current on-prem efforts over into the cloud, but actually positions your organization for future business scaling and long-term success. That’s why the Wharton School, the oldest collegiate business school in the country, opted into a partnership with the AWS cloud experts at Enquizit. In this piece, we’ll explore how our team stepped in to help Wharton two years after their original launch – and the long-term benefits our partnership brought to Wharton’s AWS cloud migration process.


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