Case Study

The Small Business Administration Goes Digital -
How Enquizit Helped the Streamline Certification in the AWS Cloud

The U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) is a government agency that helps entrepreneurs and small business owners find funding to help them start and grow their companies. The SBA fulfills a critical mission—but they had a problem. Over a period of many years, the SBA had developed a complex application process that heavily relied on paperwork. Small business owners who applied to the SBA faced a long and cumbersome process that included multiple entry points to register and lots of paper forms and printing. When the federal government released a memorandum that called for agencies to streamline their services for customers using innovative technologies, the SBA created a strategic plan to optimize their IT infrastructure and streamline the application process—permanently. Unsure of how to get started, the SBA asked the United States Digital Services (USDS) to help perform a “discovery sprint,” which would reveal problems and provide specific recommendations on how to modernize. As a result, the USDS suggested partnering with a contractor who could lead them through the complex process of modernization using digital transformation. Enquizit, with their agile approach and record of excellence and efficiency, was the perfect choice.


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