The Future Is NoOps: 5 Reasons To Embrace—Not Fear—This New Model

The future is here, and it belongs to NoOps. Short for “No Operations,” NoOps refers to an automated IT environment that operates with a minimum of human maintenance. The result? Faster operations with vastly fewer errors and security risks – and no need for a dedicated operations team.

Such a fundamental change can sound intimidating. But there’s nothing to fear, as NoOps is simply a continuation of a process that has been underway for more than a decade: the move to the cloud. This transition, with its virtualization of servers and other functions, has already proven to reduce operations costs for many organizations – in some cases, drastically.

NoOps simply expands and builds upon these initiatives. And with the development of new services such as automated remediation, which automates the process of problem resolution, the field of NoOps is set to grow exponentially in coming years. In this e-book, we’ll lay out all the reasons to embrace—and not fear—the transition to NoOps.


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