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We work and serve in a variety of industries such as non-profit and educational organizations. Find out about who we work with to empower good.

Federal Government

We enable federal, state and local government agencies to meet their mission through innovative, secure and scalable cloud solutions. Our project management and technical solutions enable growth through continuous feedback and improvement loops using our highly customized Agile methodology, focusing on Lean principles.

As an 8(a)-certified business, an AWS Premier Consulting Partner and Trusted Government Partner and Authorized Reseller, we provide easy procurement options and direct access to AWS GovCloud Region designed to allow US Government agencies run sensitive workloads in the cloud while meeting specific regulatory and compliance requirements.


Higher Education

Latest technical developments have enabled several disrupters to challenge conventional educational models. Enquizit aids its higher education customers lead innovation through IT transformations using new capabilities on Amazon’s secure and scalable infrastructure.

Enquizit offers cloud migration and application modernization services using Amazon’s Cloud Adoption Framework and Agile delivery framework. With a clear understanding of the promises and challenges associated with the cloud, we help our customers expand their offerings and optimize their services using a robust, secure and scalable infrastructure designed for operational excellence.

Health Care

Enquizit helps payer, provider and life sciences domains provide enhanced research capabilities and premier patient care due to advances in AWS cloud computing with a business associate agreement (BAA) and a Shared Responsibility Model making the cloud environment comply with HIPPAA and PHI at rest and in-transit.



Enquizit is strongly committed to contributing to the success of NGOs in the social change sector. AWS’ latest offerings such as Internet of things, machine learning, natural language understanding and automatic speech recognition have paved the way for several strategic solutions in this space.

Our in-depth experience, combined with our partnership with AWS enables us to provide innovative cloud solutions at a discounted price using non-profits’ credit programs. Cross agency collaboration, intelligent data collection and automated consumer services are some of the latest solutions shaping this industry.

Public Safety

Partnering with public safety and security experts, Enquizit offers unique solutions to enable state and local governments make educated decisions regarding their public safety broadband networks.

This customized solution focuses on cost, capacity, coverage and control elements of the public safety network. With the utmost priority of protecting the sensitive data hosted by this system, Enquizit built a highly secure and scalable solution on AWS’ infrastructure.


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