Enquizit Highlighted In Aws Public Sector Summit

TYSONS, Va. – May 7, 2020 

Source: PRLog — Enquizit, Inc and its migration tool SkyMap fulfill the potential for a small business to disrupt the industry with innovative solutions that could obtain a global reach through their impact.

Enquizit, Inc, a leading IT service company specializing in Cloud and migration services, received the spotlight today during the AWS Public Sector Summit keynote address of Sandy Carter, AWS’s Vice President of Public Sector Partners and Programs. Sandy touched upon Enquizit’s capacity as a small business to develop a game-changing migration tool like SkyMap which is able to make a difficult endeavor like a cloud migration much simpler.

Enquizit’s SkyMap Suite offers end-to-end cloud strategy and migration products that can be used to deliver the cloud solutions conducive to an organizations business goal(s). As migrating to the cloud can be a daunting task for many organizations, given the knowledge and skills required, and while each organization’s cloud journey is unique and mired with complexities based on cloud-readiness state, business goals, and cloud capabilities, SkyMap can circumvent these obstacles and streamline an organization’s total cloud experience.

Migration planning is a crucial step in a cloud migration that is often laden with frustration. SkyMap addresses this issue first by offering a readiness evaluation, ensuring an organization is properly situated to begin a migration and helping the organization identify what it might need to get to that state. SkyMap also helps discover an organization’s migratable assets, which are then fed into an Artificial Intelligence engine called EQMind that assigns optimal migration paths. Typically, this stage can be difficult, since organizations left on their own are confused by the painful task of analyzing all the complex options that go into designing and implementing migration paths — SkyMap however helps to configure optimal migration paths by mapping the right building blocks, technical solutions, resources, and knowledge using context-sensitive associations.  EQMind , which fuels this mapping, rests upon a decade’s worth of data from past migrations, allowing organizations to trust SkyMap planning outputs and view them as authoritative. SkyMap then is the guide that accompanies its users along the right path to achieve their goal, all with one program and in one dashboard.

“Enquizit is pleased to make moving to the cloud smooth and easy. As we all know, moving to a cloud platform brings risks and uncertainty, which SkyMap greatly reduces. We’ve found organizations which use SkyMap are able to efficiently and quickly determine what and how to get to the cloud, and then to make that vision a reality in a cost-effective way,” said Scott Swanson, EVP of Enquizit. ”As an AWS Advanced Partner in Education and Government and one of the few partners with Migration Competency, Enquizit regularly partners with AWS Professional Services in the field. We have the ability to bring the tools and team together to make migrations happen!”

About Enquizit

Enquizit has been providing IT services since 2002 and specializing in cloud since 2011.  Our services include cloud migration planning and optimization, application modernization and managed services to public sector and non-profit organizations, including federal, state, and local governments and educational institutions.  We are an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner with competencies in Government, Education, Non-profit, DevOps and Migration.  Enquizit is a Small Business Administration 8(a) company graduating in 2022.

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