Industry Recognition – G2Xchange’s NXT UP list of 200 companies

MCLEAN, Va. – Feb. 10, 2020  

Enquizit, Inc., a leading provider of cloud solutions, announced that it has recently been chosen for inclusion on G2Xchange’s NXT UP list of 200 companies. According to Enquizit, Inc.’s CEO Doug VanDyke, “We’re excited to be recognized as one of the companies having the most impact in Government.  We are citizens as well as employees, it’s great to know we’re having a positive effect on the communities we live in. Our team at Enquizit puts a lot of heart and soul into helping our customers deliver on their mission.  It was a real pleasure to see us on the list of companies having the most positive impact in Government.”

Enquizit has been providing technology services for more than 18 years to higher education, public sector, and nonprofit organizations. In the past eight years, Enquizit has specialized in mass cloud migrations and optimizations with large-scale, mission critical systems. Enquizit brings extensive experience in the areas of Agile software development and modernization, cloud solutions, project management, and cloud transformations through our proprietary cloud migration suite SkyMapTM. Our dedication to client mission and application of industry best practices such as ITIL, Lean Six Sigma, and CAF have enabled our organization to realize the vision of our clients. Throughout our 18 years of providing cost-effective IT solutions that empowered our clients with the tools to drive and grow their business, we have maintained a 100% client satisfaction score derived from client surveys and continuous evaluations of our work.

G2Xchange utilized their proprietary data tools and instruments to sift through the competitive landscape of thriving companies that work for the Government and the constituents they serve in order to pick those firms who are most positioned for success. They aggregate data from authoritative sources such as Government data sets, awards, relevant news, and business intelligence to highlight companies they consider most likely to experience rapid growth, invest in their people, processes, and technologies, and who will continue to push the envelope in the Federal sector for years to come.

Enquizit is enthusiastic for the challenges and opportunities to shine in 2020 and has big plans to leave an even larger footprint on the competitive technological landscape of today. Government and its constituents look to Enquizit for reliable, proven solutions and innovative approaches that address their business needs with tailor-made plans that always generate unique and lasting partnerships. Enquizit is honored to be included on G2Xchange’s list and strives to be a repeat enlistee for the years to come!

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