5 Reasons to Modernize Your Data Strategy

In the early days, databases housed primarily transactional information, such as the purchase price of an item or the tracking of inventory. Databases were useful in answering specific queries but could rarely tackle more significant, theoretical questions, like “Who is at risk of defaulting on their payment?” or “Is the customer satisfied?”Today, however, the number of data streams at our disposal has grown exponentially—and so has our ability to ask, and solve, complex questions. Organizations can now pull data from financial apps, geolocation data, social media posts, and even smart sensors on cars, buildings, and gadgets. This surplus of data streams, along with the accessibility of connected devices and plummeting cost of data storage in the cloud, has opened a world of possibilities for organizations ready to harness the power of analytics to improve business outcomes. Modernizing your data strategy empowers your team to automate decision-making, foster innovation, and do a whole lot more. In this e-book, we’ll explore five primary reasons it’s time to rethink your approach to data—and show you how to get there


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