Smarter Security in the AWS Cloud
5 Reasons to Move to a Cloud Security Operations Center

With a cloud-based security operations center (SOC), you can improve your existing security without hiring additional personnel. At Enquizit, we do this by embracing the power of automation that the AWS cloud provides. For example, by building automated intrusion detection systems (IDS) into your cloud security solution, you can then upskill your employees, freeing their time and energy. Instead of doing the detection manually—an ongoing and laborious task—your staff can focus on monitoring alerts and responding to a probable (not just possible) breaches, reducing false positives.

In this e-book, we’ll explore why moving security operations to the cloud is a critical piece in the cloud migration process—whether you’re scaling up, moving an app, or migrating your entire on-premises infrastructure. Download the E-book to learn more.


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