Streamlining App Development
7 Steps To Building the Best CI/CD Pipeline

Continuous integration and continuous deployment (CI/CD) is becoming a foundational part of DevOps. For tech giants like Amazon, Netflix, and Google, CI/CD allows their engineering team to make small changes in code and deploy those changes frequently, across all their platforms, without interrupting the user experience.

Today, many smaller companies are also integrating CI/CD pipelines into their businesses. But while CI/CD pipelines can be DevOps gamechangers, they’re also tricky to implement correctly. Unreliable security, inaccurate tests, and inefficient performance are common problems that can make your pipeline even slower than your old manual processes. In this e-book, we’ll help you avoid those pitfalls with seven steps to build your CI/CD pipeline—the right way. Download the E-book to learn more.


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