The Middle Way: A New, Actionable Method for Cloud Optimization

In a recent survey, 90% of senior decision-makers agreed that the cloud—combined with cloud-enabled technologies like AI, IoT, and analytics—serves as a “force multiplier” for businesses and organizations. However, that same survey also revealed an “innovation gap”: while companies prioritize digital transformation, many are not achieving the innovation they seek.


Investing in a large, multifaceted modernization project should result in transformational change. When it does not, technology teams can feel stuck and understandably frustrated. Where and why does this disconnect occur? And how can leadership break the log jam? One key reason is that many leaders try to force transformation to happen all at once.


But transformation doesn’t need to be an “all or nothing” proposition. By examining your systems at an “atomic” level—bit by bit—you can begin to prioritize migration, making the process manageable and effective. We call this method “The Middle Way”—a practical, achievable plan for transforming your applications in manageable stages. Click below to download the free e-book.


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