At Enquizit, we have a Section 508 Compliance and Accessibility solutions team that includes accessibility experts, universal design professionals, and user experience testers.


The Importance of Section 508 Compliance & Accessibility Expertise

Enquizit has extensive technical and program management support experience in accessibility and Section 508 compliance. We have assembled a targeted 508 SME team, possessing repeatable and proven methodologies that present a low-risk approach to assist the entire section 508 compliance domain – customized 508 solution for implementation, testing, remediation and training to any Federal agency or private enterprise.

At Enquizit, we have a Section 508 compliance team that includes 508 SMEs, 508 solution developers, Universal Design experts, and accessibility testers. Our solutions team has extensive design background, and they understand how to make recommendations to remediate user interfaces and media to present information in a way that enables easy user access – regardless of the type of software or assistive device they are using. We incorporate the best practice principles of design with web interfaces, documents, and media with accessibility that uses W3C, WCAG 2.0 (AA), and Access Board Standards for 508 so that all users can effectively navigate and use websites, applications, content, and media.

Our 508 Approach

  • Document current accessibility status and compliance methods
  • Conduct analyses using standardized testing methodologies
  • Create a prioritized project plan for addressing issues
  • Review code-level examples of accessibility errors and recommended solutions for remediation
  • Create categories of critical web pages, content, and media
  • Conduct training, we tailor guides to the enterprise and local environment
  • Integrate 508 into the support system
  • Apply Section 508 in any Systems lifecycle development

Section 508 & Accessibility Compliance Offerings


508 Remediation

  • Documents
  • Website Content
  • Training Modules
  • Presentations

Accessibility Training

  • 508 Introduction
  • Website Compliance
  • Documents (Microsoft and Adobe)
  • Charts and Images
  • Color and Contrast
  • Data and Tables
  • Video

508 Assessment

  • Accessibility Audit of Website and Content
  • Technical 508 Issue Tracking
  • User Needs for Accessible Content
  • Agency Accessibility Policies
  • 508 Guides and Requirements
  • 508 in Project Planning

508 Skills and Abilities

  • Accessible User Experience Analysts
  • Universal and Accessible Design Experts
  • 508 Web and Application Development
  • 508 Testers for Web and Documents
  • Integrating 508 in Project Management
  • 508 Risk Analysts

Our Past Performance

SBA: Certify.sba.gov (508 Implementation)

GSA Login.gov (508 implementation)

NSF/NCSES (508 Compliance - Implementation & Practice)

DOI : NPS (508 implementation)

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