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Application Development Services

Application Development:

Our Software Engineering team’s core competency is Cloud Native Application development. We enable innovation and disruption in mission driven solutions using application modernization and refactoring. We favor open source development environments and tools to build scalable, highly available, and secure solutions with a keen focus on user experience and usability. Our application designs take advantage of the following techniques:

  • Loosely coupled stateless architecture
  • Message oriented middleware
  • Server less architectures
  • Event Driven Programming model
  • Simple Workflow Service based reliable state machines
  • Task coordinator to execute business logic
  • High availability through multiple availability zones, ELB, Auto
  • Scaling Groups
  • Application awareness of the hosting environment
  • Implement security checkpoint at all layers

Our team is extremely proficient in a number of Cloud focused technologies including Ruby on Rails, Python and Node.js, Java, Nginx, Apache, Microsoft IIS, JBoss, Tomcat, Unicorn, Phusion Passenger, Mobile backend, AWS Lamda, AWS API Gateway, AWS DynamoDB, MongoDB, Couchbase, CouchDB, MySQL, MSSQL Server, Oracle, Aurora, Postgres, RedShift, Jenkins, Code Deploy, Code Pipeline, and Microsoft .Net.

Agile & Lean:

Agility and innovation are the key differentiators in technology adoption. Our engagements begin with a clear understanding of management’s vision, goals, scope, TCO and expectations. We use an agile methodology that focuses on lean principles in order to reduce risk, cost and time to market. Enquizit’s agile delivery framework is customized for each initiative based on the customer’s state of agile adoption. We resolve traditional issues of sub-optimally managed projects and stagnant growth through continuous feedback and improvement loops. Our highly interactive process places emphasis on identifying and removing blockers early-on to ensure continuous improvement and delivery of robust & secure mission focused solutions.

IOT, AI and Machine Learning:

Our AI team empowers businesses to unveil new capabilities through new generation applications that can see, hear, speak, understand, and interact intelligently. Latest technologies such as natural language understanding (NLU), automatic speech recognition (ASR), visual search and image recognition, text-to- speech (TTS), and machine learning (ML) technologies open up a new tangent of innovation by providing features such as:

  • Conversational interfaces using voice and text
  • Deep learning-based image recognition
  • Conversion of text into lifelike speech using deep learning
  • Machine learning services