Cyber Security

Information security practices – aimed to protect intellectual property and sensitive information from cyber security events – often require organizations to abide by government and industry standards. Enquizit stays abreast these standards to counsel customers in understanding and implementing them.

How we do Cyber Security



Our expertise in multiple compliance standards including Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA) and Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) ensures organization compliance.



With assessment and authorization (A&A) services, we help organizations meet compliance and achieve certifications. We review the organization’s system infrastructure; patching, logging, and security processes; tooling; and business processes. We work collaboratively to develop a plan to remediation to ensure compliance, providing documentation of where and how compliance is satisfied for internal use and audits.



We offer authorization to operate (ATO) services, testifying that your system has met and passed all requirements, accepting operation risks.



Digital identity management is at the center of cybersecurity, regulatory compliance, and consumer trust. Our digital identity management plans help our customers fully realize the economic and social potential and create trust-based digital services.

We help organizations implement and document their data governance procedures optimized for security, reliability, performance, cost optimization and operational excellence. Implementing industry best practices provides transparency in use and handling, ensuring cross-organization accountability. Our proven governance model results in standardized corporate and security infrastructure policies.


DevOps practices at Enquizit guarantees success by deploying repeatable and automated processes based on a seasoned DevOps framework. Through focused engagements, we enable fluid feature releases while maintaining the compliance and security demanded by our clients.

Our DevOps competency consists of following three broad services:

Traditional DevOps

We design and implement fully automated deployment of enterprise applications on a compliant architecture through concepts as:

  • Agile integration and automation
  • Automated QA
  • Code repository management and replication
  • Non-disruptive code release

Our CloudOps services guide customers from initial design to operational readiness, including core tasks as:

  • Cost optimization through standardized image builds and transparent scaling
  • Business resilience through detailed continuity and disaster recovery plan
  • Enhanced security, scalability, and availability

Enquizit’s SecOps offerings focus on security vulnerabilities introduced by the new age approaches such as Agile and continuous delivery. Key tasks enabling enhanced security for our customers include:

  • Compliance through desired configuration baseline maintenance
  • Patrol and report drift from the desired configuration
  • Log correlation and centralized analysis
  • Deploy and maintain web application firewalls

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