if {
      A group of like-minded friends formed their own company;
      Gathered bright minds excited by solving problems;
      Worked only with clients whose work benefitted the community;
      Employed powerful new technologies;
      Deliberately focused on growth through challenging projects;
then {
      They could transform aspects of government, higher 
      education and nonprofits; 
      Empower GOOD;
do {
      Make work life:
while {
      Catalyzing positive change;
      Delivering true value;
      Being transparent and honest;
      Empower GOOD;


It’s a testament to our founders that after almost 20 years, the driving force behind our success has not changed.

How it all Started

Our founders worked for technology companies that valued profits more than delivering top-notch solutions. Each shared a commitment to delivering high-quality products and willingness to prioritize excellence and impact over profits, inspiring Enquizit’s mission: to be a persistent force of good through the development and application of innovative technologies.

On Enquizit’s first day of business in 2002, we had only one customer, the U.S. Department of the Interior. Many more followed, drawn to Enquizit’s commitment to delivering value and excellence.

Our vision is to empower good in all we do.


We empower good.

Enquizit combines the power of technology, the team’s passion, and our client’s missions to benefit the community. Our higher education clients share the goal of spreading knowledge that influence tomorrow’s leaders. We work with nonprofits who change lives in crucial ways, having aided millions of people.

We’re committed to quality.

Our identity as servant leaders keeps us grounded and focused towards enabling customers’ success. We take on projects only when certain we can deliver strong value and high quality. We strive to grow and build upon our existing skills without fear of failing – helping us provide results of the highest quality.

Problem-solving is our passion.

We think of our hardest challenges as tough puzzles to solve them as a team, mixing cool-headed analysis with open-minded creativity. Our team is truly agile when circumstances demand new approaches - learning and gaining insight drives unexpected innovations.

Our customer and partners trust us.

Well-known brands and organizations have faith in our approach and solutions. We persist through hurdles and enter projects with confidence, awareness of the difficulties and risks, and readiness to embrace challenges. We are motivated by customers’ success, defined by our delivery and ensuring products meet needs and are adaptable and sustainable.

We work as a team.

Enquizit’s flat organizational structure makes teamwork among disciplines and departments easy and effective. Each of us is an owner and has a responsibility to our teammates, passionately invested in our shared success. We’ve maintained a flat organization structure, building a culture that prizes independence and interdependence in equal measure.


Our Core Values

We have a clear commitment to emotional intelligence.

Emotional intelligence is the foundation of Enquizit’s work. It manifests itself in interpersonal interactions but starts with an individual’s awareness, empathy, and sensitivity. The goal is to preserve relationships, increase efficiency, and harmonize goals and mindsets.

We treat everyone with respect, kindness, and empathy.

Enquizit culture is based on mutual respect, kindness, and empathy. We value the integrity of our work through transparency and benevolence. We promote honest communication and encourage an energetic, social, and optimistic attitude in the workplace.

We prioritize the success of our customers.

Our customers’ success and happiness are a core driving force. We ensure that we understand their problems holistically and assist their feelings, needs, and wants by bridging the gap. Collaboration is highly valued to form the best solution in the most efficient manner.

We distinguish ourselves with our innovation and creativity.

Enquzit’s work challenges the status quo and promotes new solutions. Our innovative attitude inspires one another while our collaborative mindset allows us to learn. We embrace change as technology is always changing and encourage continued growth.

We are humble, confident, and competent.

Our team is confident through being both humble and knowing their competence. This is evident in our abilities to take ownership and accountability in our work, be proactive, seek help when needed, and trust those we are working with.

We are motivated by our passion for our work.

We are motivated by our love for the work that we do. Our culture is not built around materialistic goals, but to serve. We strive to operate off a sympathetic and giving mindset. Our passion allows us to be engaged in our community.

We are committed to growth and learning.

At Enquizit, we seek growth and improvement, supporting employee learning and career development. We accept mistakes, learn from them, and change course effectively and efficiently. As jobs and tasks evolve, so do we, which makes our work standout through time.

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