Cloud migrations, the right way up.

SkymapTM is a cloud migration acceleration solution, shaped by Enquizit's years of experience migrating critical workloads. Commoditized migration elements paired with architect led services offers the optimal mix of cost and speed.

Cloud migrations, the right way up

Move to the cloud, with less friction

Benefit from real life experience

Avoid known pitfalls

Provide alignment from Ops to the C suite

Based on MRA/MRP best practices

Enquizit with AWS

20 Million+ users served through our clients' AWS deployments

16+ years of Higher Ed and Government solutions

11+ years of Agile delivery

100% Client satisfaction

2500+ Workloads migrated to AWS

200+ Distinct patterns migrated to AWS

Clarity on budget, expertise and time
Rapid state discovery
Streamlined migration process
Optimal migration paths
Unified dashboards
Governance templates and script libraries

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